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Memberstack Team
1) The problem → I'd like to sell add-ons on top of Memberstack. Eg: A $99 subscription plan, with the option to add single-products to it.
2) Why is this important → I'd like to upsell services to my members.
3) What's your plan B → Send a Stripe invoice manually and have the customers accept it. Build a hacky way to let users select a product and then bill them separately. Build my own Stripe integration.
4) Possible solutions we could build for you → Allow add-ons on top of subscription plans.



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    Duncan Hamra
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    We plan to tackle this problem in 2023. Please upvote or comment to receive notifications. 

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    Kevin Handy

    Use case: Client only has a free tier but sells enhancements for different sections/options for a one time payment only.

    Example: Career Puppy is free. The Career Personality Assessment is a one time cost.

    Current Workaround: Two plans, one free, one paid. Long term as more enhancements are created the plan variations gets super muddy.

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    Heather Henderson

    Same here. We are going to sell 1 basic monthly membership for members to be part of our community. We'd like to sell 6-7 add on services they can purchase at-will once they are members.

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    Parham Shafti

    Hi! I'm wondering how this feature is moving forward? Is there any ETA? It's a key feature for a project I'm working on and my client is in decision stage. Would appreciate your answer.


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