[Wishlist] Username-based logins Not planned

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Memberstack Team
1) The problem → I would like my users to just login using a username and password, not email and password.
2) Why is this important → My website utilizes usernames more than email in the user experience.
3) What's your plan B → Leave it as it is and have users login with email and password.
4) Possible solutions we could build for you → Allow for custom login fields to work with usernames, rather than just email.



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    Duncan from Memberstack
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    We are not planning to solve this problem right now. The vast majority of our customers are using emails to authenticate, so we're going to stay focused on emails for now. 

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    Nicholas Mauro


    It would be amazing to add the ability to signup and log in with a username vs. an email address or have the option to do one or the other. The membership site I’m running primarily works off usernames and not the user's email address. Adding username support within Memberstack would be highly beneficial.

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    Duncan from Memberstack

    Require a unique input (Username, URL, etc.)

    1. The problem → I need a way to prevent duplicate inputs like usernames.

    2. Why is this important → I can't have members with duplicate inputs.

    3. What's your plan B → To create my own separate database so that I can validate input before the user tries to create an account.

    4. Possible solutions we could build for you → Let me check a box so that memberstack automatically validates when members sign up by entering a unique value.

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