[Wishlist] [✅ Answered] Allow the user to connect Google SSO to the created user using login and password in the login/signup form. Answered

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1) The problem → I currently need to add Google SSO to a profile form if the user creates a login and password and I want to connect it to Google SSO
2) Why is this important → Extra step that isn't needed.
3) What's your plan B → Add the Google SSO to the profile form
4) Possible solutions we could build for you → You already do this for Memberstack, can I also have this feature for my own users? 


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    Duncan from Memberstack
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    This isn't something that we're able to solve for security reasons. 

    Members who signup with their Gmail address and password will need to 1) Login with their email and password 2) Navigate to your site's profile page 3) Click on the profile Google auth button to update their account. This is required so we know that the member is actively logged into both accounts. Could leave to security issues if we connected the accounts automatically. 

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