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Hey folks! We're beginning to lay the groundwork for a series of partner programs at Memberstack. Want to pitch us on something? Send an email to partnerships@memberstack.com or drop a comment below.
How you can help:
  1. Please 
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     We're going to share ideas and mockups here before we build or release anything. We'd love to get your feedback!
  2. Please share your past experiences working with partner programs. What worked for you? What didn't?
Future Programs we are exploring:
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    Josh Gonsalves

    Yes! Any kind of affiliate program would be incredible. Whether it's recommending the product on YouTube videos / podcasts / social media, or signing up a client who wants to use it!
    Ideally, it would be a 20-25% "lifetime" commission (aka: no expiry) and would ideally also include payments processing.
    Take a look at how Outseta structured theirs: https://www.outseta.com/affiliates

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    Vladyslav Sitalo

    This looks great! I'm currently building a service that allows people to publish their https://roamresearch.com/ graphs (at https://roam.garden/).
    And I'm interested in giving people an ability to charge for their content. Integrating with Memberstack with such an affiliate program sounds like a great solution for this. Duncan Hamra did you have a chance to explore this?

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    James Bullock

    Web integration in the form of widgets are amazing to give clients a feel for what your product would be worth to them.
    For example, if it were possible to have a widget in a member's dashboard that displayed what features you provide, pricing structures, free trials etc, they can then click through an affiliate link from there to sign up.


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