Enable team billing (seats, licenses, users, etc.) Planned

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Duncan Hamra

1) The problem → I want a company/administrator to be able to purchase a fixed or custom number of seats for their team.
2) Why is this important → It massively increases my LTV, retention, and sales volume.
3) What will happen if this goes unsolved → I have to manage these funky workarounds with coupons and free accounts. However, those are really imperfect since the sub-accounts don't lose access when the admin stops paying. I'll likely need to use another tool or build something custom.
4) Possible solutions → Create a team management UI for admin accounts. Admin should be able to select a plan with a dynamic or pre-set number of seats, and then invite/add members via this UI. Those sub-accounts should inherit permissions from the admin account's status.


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    We would like to solve this use case in 2023. 

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