Getting Started Checklist (Webflow)

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This article is an overview of all of the steps required to go live. Let's start with a simple list, and then we'll break down each line in greater detail. 

At a high level...

  1. Build or Clone a Webflow site. 
  2. Install and test Memberstack. 
  3. (Optional) Connect a Stripe account.
  4. (Optional) Use or Zapier to manage emails & automations.
  5. Launch. 

If that all sounds good, here's the more detailed list with links to show you how... 

  1. Sign up for a free Memberstack account. 
  2. Clone a Memberstack starter template in Webflow. If you already have a site, we recommend cloning the starter template anyway. You'll save time by copying and pasting elements into your existing project. 
    • Starter templates include the following pages and components:
  3. Install Memberstack on your site.
  4. Configure your user roles & free plans and paid plans, memberships, products, subscriptions, etc. We recommend testing your site after each change.
  5. (Optional) Gate access to content on your site.
  6. (Optional) Connect your Stripe account.
  7. (Optional) Use or Zapier to manage emails & automations.
  8. Design and add content to your site. With the exception of checkout, 100% of your site's UI is customizable in Webflow. Depending on the template you select, this could take less than 5 minutes. 
  9. Pay for Memberstack. 
  10. Configure your live mode and test mode domains.
  11. Share your site with the world. 

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