Accessing Member Custom Fields, Metadata & JSON

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Josh Lopez

Aside from updating a Member’s email & password, there are 3 types of member data that you have access to. They are: Custom Fields, Metadata, and JSON.

You can update these items using the frontend & backend API, with forms & data attributes in Webflow, and through the dashboard.

Custom Fields

Custom fields are global key-value pairs that you want to store across all members. Meaning, that when you create a custom field property - that property becomes available to ALL members.

Learn more about custom fields



Metadata can be used to store arbitrary information on a Member. Metadata comes in key-value pairs. But unlike custom fields, metadata is unique to each member, which means each member can have different sets of key-value pairs in their metadata.

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Member JSON

You can use the member JSON feature if you need to store more complex data on a Member. JSON objects can be nested, whereas custom fields and metadata only accept boolean types (true/false), strings and integers, and valid values.

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    Daniel Valencia

    Please make an article on how to get the JSON of a member using the front-end JavaScript API. Thank you.


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