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Connect Memberstack with any of your favorite apps in just a few clicks. Design, build, and automate anything for your work by integrating apps like Memberstack to create automated visual workflows. Choose from thousands of ready-made apps or use our no-code toolkit to connect to apps not yet in our library.

☝ ‍IMPORTANT: If you are using the Make app you do not need to use the webhooks on the Dev Tools page.

☝ ‍IMPORTANT: If you connect Make while in test mode within Memberstack you will need to update the secret key to your live mode one when you go live.

How to connect your Make account to Memberstack

Memberstack has a public make app, so you'll add Memberstack to your scenarios just as you would another app. 

  1. Create or log in to your Make account.
  2. Create a new scenario and search for Memberstack. 

How to use Memberstack in Make

Create a new scenario using one of Memberstack’s webhooks like New Member. For your first scenario using Memberstack you will need to do a couple of things:

  1. Click on the main Memberstack module then click the Add button to add a new webhook.

  2. Click on the Add button to add a new connection. Don’t worry, these names can be edited later.

  3. Now paste in your Memberstack secret key from step 3 and save! We recommend going back to the webhooks and connection pages later and changing the names to include Memberstack so they don't get lost later when you start connecting more apps.
    ‍IMPORTANT: Keep your API key safe! If you share it with the wrong people, they can use it to access your account.

  4. Congratulations! Now you should be able to use all of the Triggers and Actions below in Make.


Triggers are how you can start automated workflows whenever something happens in Memberstack. New members, profile updates, plan cancellations, and deletions are triggers that provide essential data you can pass to another application.

  • New Member
    • Triggers when a new member’s account is created.
    • Returns the member id, email, metadata, and custom fields that contain data.
    • It DOES NOT contain passwords or plan information.
  • Member Updated
    • Triggers when a member’s email, custom fields, or metadata are updated. Does not fire on password change.
    • Returns the same data as New Member.
  • Member Deleted
    • Triggers when a member is deleted.
    • Returns the same data as New Member.
  • Member's Plan Added
    • Triggers when a plan is added to a member.

    • Memberstack allows members to have multiple plans, and this trigger fires each time a plan is added to a member.

    • Returns the member id and plan data including subscription id, active, status, type, and plan id.
    • It DOES NOT contain member data. You’ll need to use the lookup action to use information about the member.
  • Member's Plan Updated
    • Triggers when a member’s plan is updated. Any time the status of the plan updates or payment period updates (e.g. when a subscription renews, if the billing period is edited in the Stripe dashboard, etc.)
  • Member's Plan Replaced
    • Triggers when a member’s plan is replaced.
  • Member's Plan Canceled
    • Triggers when a member’s plan is canceled.
  • Member's Plan Succeeded
    • Triggers when a member’s payment is successful.
  • Member's Payment Failed
    • Triggers when a member’s payment fails.


Actions allow you to make updates in Memberstack after a trigger fires somewhere else.

  • Create Member
    • Create a member with no plans or a free plan.
  • Update Member
    • Updates a member.
  • Delete Member
    • Delete a member.
  • Find Member
    • Lookup a member by id.
    • It is not possible to find a member by email, but we hope to add it soon.
  • List members
    • Max limit is 100.


Missing Info: custom fields, JSON, Metadata, etc.

You can fix this by adding some real or fake data to a member, and then running your scenario in Make. Make is only able to display your custom fields, JSON, etc, once you have pulled in a member with that data. 

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  • Comment author
    Charles Marine

    Thank you for publishing this article. In step 3, the instructions are to paste a secret key from step 3. 
    How do you create the secret key?

  • Comment author
    Josh Lopez

    You can find your key on your Dev Tools page. Make sure you are in the mode (Test/Live) you want everything to work in as well. 

  • Comment author
    William de Broucker


    Will it be possible in the future to add or remove a free plan for a user ? I'm struggling a lot when the user have several memberships 😬



  • Comment author
    Kirishan Selvarajah

    Same error here, what is the solution?

  • Comment author
    Duncan from Memberstack

    Hey William de Broucker 👋

    Yes! I'm happy to share that the ability to add or remove a free plan is now live. If you have any questions, please let us know!

    Hi Kirishan Selvarajah, are you still getting those errors?


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