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Josh Lopez

Zapier let’s you move member data from Memberstack to hundreds of other applications, or data from those applications right back to Memberstack without code. View the Zapier Memberstack page here.

Please use the Memberstack Beta Zapier app for all 2.0 apps 👍Screenshot_2022-11-29_at_11.02.53_AM.png

How to connect your Zapier account to Memberstack

  1. Create or log into your Zapier account.

  2. Create a new zap and search for Memberstack.

  3. Zapier will ask you to input an API key from Memberstack. You'll find that key on the Dev Tools page.


  • Each Memberstack app has 2 versions of API keys, make sure you create or update your zaps to use the live and test mode API keys. Use the "View Test Data" toggle to switch between the two.
  • Keep your API key safe! If you share it with the wrong people, they can use it to access your account.


Triggers are how you can start automated workflows whenever something happens in Memberstack. New members, profile updates, plan cancellations, and deletions are triggers that provide essential data you can pass to another application.

  • New Member
    • Triggers when a new member is created before a plan is added.
    • Returns the member id, email, metadata, and custom fields that contain data.
    • It DOES NOT contain passwords or plan information.
  • Member Deleted
    • Triggers when a member is deleted.
    • Returns the same data as New Member.
  • Member's Plan Canceled
    • Triggers when a member's plan is canceled.
  • Member's Plan Added
    • Triggers when a plan is added to a member. Memberstack allows members to have multiple plans, and this trigger fires each time a plan is added to a member.
    • Returns the member id and plan data including subscription id, active, status, type, and plan id.
    • It DOES NOT contain member data. You’ll need to use the lookup action to use information about the member.
  • Member's Plan Updated
    • Triggers when a member's plan is updated. Any time the status of the plan updates or payment period updates (e.g. when a subscription renews if the billing period is edited in the Stripe dashboard, etc.).
  • Member Updated
    • Triggers when a member’s email, custom fields, or metadata are updated. Does not fire on password change.
    • Returns the same data as New Member.


Actions allow you to make updates in Memberstack after a trigger fires somewhere else.

  • Add Free Plan to Member
    • Adds a free plan to a member.
  • Create Member
    • Creates a member with no plans or a free plan.
  • Delete Member
    • Deletes a member.
  • Remove Free Plan From Member
    • Removes a free plan from a member.
  • Update Member
    • Updates a member.
  • Find Member
    • Lookup a member by id.
    • It is not possible to find a member by email at this time.
      The reason why we havent added this is because we allow members to change their emails. So if you do a search by e-mail and get no result because the member changed their email you would think the member doesn’t exist. This is why we use ids instead because they never change. The changing of emails gets more complex when members start adding the different auth providers as well.


If you are seeing an error like the following, you may need to change your api key from test mode to live mode or vice versa.

Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 4.22.30 PM.png

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  • Comment author
    Nathaniel Thoreson

    There is no memberstack 2.0 on zapier.

    I am attempting to migrate from 1.0 to 2.0. How do the two triggers differ?

  • Comment author
    Duncan Hamra

    Ahh, thank you for pointing this out. My UI looks different (probably because I'm an admin).

    I've reached out to the team working on our Zapier app to see if we can get the name changed. The app you are looking for is just called Memberstack. 

    Memberstack 1.0 has the version numbers and 2.0 is just "Memberstack"

  • Comment author
    Ilan Abitbol

    Actually, I don't understand why we can add a new plan for a memberstack user? Nothing show up even if I currently have two free plan in my memberstack worskpace.



  • Comment author
    Duncan Hamra

    Hi Ilan Abitbol 👋

    You'll want to click custom and add your plan ID. I don't think it's possible to pick the plan from a list. Thanks for asking!

  • Comment author
    Derek Siu

    I tried adding the plan ID it still doesn't work?

  • Comment author
    Derek Siu

    Am I missing something?

  • Comment author
    Josh Lopez

    Derek Siu

    I think it looks up a member by member id instead of email. Try changing the member field to use the member id instead.

  • Comment author
    Derek Siu

    Thanks Josh - I believe this works now :)

    Appreciate you so much.


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