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The Memberstack Admin Package provides server-side methods for verifying webhooks and JWT tokens, as well as performing CRUD operations on Members.

The package is available for Node.js and as a REST API. The Node.js version can be installed via npm or Yarn. The REST API has a base URL of

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Both versions use secret keys for authentication, which can be obtained from the Memberstack dashboard. It's important to keep these keys secure on the server side. The Node.js package is initialized by passing the key to the init method. The REST API uses the key via X-API-KEY headers.

The Member object enables CRUD functionality on members in a Memberstack app instance. Methods are available for actions like listing members, retrieving members by ID or email, creating/updating members, deleting members, and managing a member's plans.

The Admin Package has a rate limit of 25 requests per second. For additional front-end functionality, Memberstack offers a DOM Package and React Package.


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    Marcus Francis

    Could you guys create a quick video tutorial on how to connect, display, and edit members  on a webflow dashboard using the Memberstack API? 

    The goal would be for my client to view and toggle members in the webflow dashboard I set up instead of adding them to the memberstack app.


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