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React Memberstack is a wrapper for the @memberstack/dom package that makes it easy to add Memberstack to a React app.

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The package provides a MemberstackProvider component that receives a config prop with the memberstack initialization object and custom hooks that give access to Memberstack related data and methods. The package also provides UI components and logic wrapper components to conditionally render content based on the member’s logged in state and plans/permissions.


Keywords: React Memberstack, @memberstack/dom, MemberstackProvider, config prop, custom hooks (useMemberstack, useAuth, useCheckout, useCustomerPortal, useMemberstackModal), UI components (SignUpModal, SignInModal, ProfileModal), Logic wrapper components (MemberstackProtected, LoggedIn), plans, permissions, modals

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    Ali Yar Khan

    Can this work in React Native ?

  • Comment author
    Duncan Hamra

    Hey Ali Yar Khan, we have not tested any Memberstack apps in React Native. We've been focused on web. 


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