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This guide will show you how to enable comment notifications for your members! It's a great way to keep the conversation lively and ensure your members never miss an update on topics they care about.

Getting Started

This guide assumes you have a commenting section already integrated into your site. If not, you can easily get one here: ready-to-go commenting UI.

Configuring Notification Settings

Add a notification select input to your commenting UI (pictured below). It can go anywhere inside the commenting channel. You can change the select option text, but do not change the values (none, and threads_only).

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Important Considerations

  • Members will only receive notification if they click on the select input and select "Notifications On." They will not be subscribed automatically after leaving a comment.
  • Members will only receive 1 email notification every 30 minutes. Once a notification is sent to a member, a 30-minute interval is set to prevent flooding a member's inbox. 
  • Members will only receive notifications if they are offline. An email will not be sent if they are viewing the page. 


If members are not receiving notifications or experiencing issues, consider the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure that members have a valid email address registered
  • Ensure the member has manually opted into "THREADS_ONLY" notifications.
  • Check if the member has navigated away from the page or closed the tab when comments were posted. Notifications are only sent when the member is inactive on the page.
  • Verify that the 30-minute interval has elapsed since the last notification was sent for the same thread.
  • If issues persist, reach out to our support team for further assistance.


By enabling comment notifications and following the steps outlined in this guide, you can improve member engagement by keeping them informed about relevant discussions on your site. Ensure a smooth and user-friendly experience by configuring the notification settings appropriately and testing the system thoroughly.

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