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In the evolving world of online memberships, seamless integration and real-time data communication are paramount. Memberstack's Developer Tools page stands as a testament to this, offering a suite of advanced functionalities tailored to the needs of modern developers. From securely managing API keys to integrating Single Sign-On capabilities and setting up real-time data triggers with webhooks, the Developer Tools page is designed to equip developers with the resources they need to create and maintain dynamic, user-centric membership platforms.

API Keys

Public Key: Your public API key can be used in places like your web or mobile app to identify your Memberstack application. 

Secret Key: This is your secret key, which should be kept confidential. Avoid sharing it with anyone, and if you ever feel your secret key is compromised, you can reset it using the Reset your Secret Key link.

⚠️ Important: Always keep your API keys secure and never expose your secret key in client-side code.

Custom SSO Integrations

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows users to access multiple services with one set of credentials. Memberstack supports OpenID Connect Apps integrations.

  • You can see the SSO integrations you've added to your application.
  • To add a new SSO integration, click on the Add Integration button. This will open up a modal where you can enter the integration name, redirect URIs, and a signup link if necessary.


Webhooks are a way for Memberstack to send data to your application in real-time based on specific events. Memberstack uses Svix to allow you to customize everything and easily inspect, test, and debug incoming webhooks with the Svix Play webhook tester & debugger.

  • The Endpoints tab will display the URL(s) to which Memberstack will send the webhook data.
  • You can monitor the rate of errors in sending data to your endpoints under the ERROR RATE column.
  • To add a new webhook endpoint, click on the + Add Endpoint button.

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