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The Event Log page provides a detailed chronological record of activities and events associated with member accounts on the platform. This tool is essential for administrators to monitor user actions, troubleshoot issues, and ensure the smooth operation of the membership system.

Key Features:

  1. Test Mode Toggle: The toggle at the top right corner signifies that you're currently viewing logs in Test Mode or Live Mode. Test mode is useful for testing out platform functionalities without affecting live data.
  2. Search by Member or Event ID: Use this feature to quickly locate specific events associated with a particular member or event by entering their unique ID.

  3. Search Filters: This dropdown allows you to filter the event logs by specific event types such as 'Logged in', 'Member Updated', and 'Plan Updated', among others. You also have the option to filter by Source such as 'PACKAGE', 'ZAPIER', 'MAKE', 'STRIPE', and more.

Event Log Breakdown:

  • Event: This column displays a visual icon and description of the event type, such as "Logged in" or "Member Updated".

  • Event ID: Every event has a unique identifier, making it easier to reference or search for a specific event.

  • Date: The exact date and time of when the event occurred.


  • Using the Event Log is a great way to make sure your integrations like Zapier and Make.com are working correctly.


The Event Log page is a comprehensive tool designed to give administrators insight into app activities. Familiarizing yourself with its features will empower you to effectively manage and oversee your membership system.

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