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The "Plans" page is a centralized dashboard where you can manage and view all your membership plans, both active and archived. This page facilitates the smooth operation of membership-driven businesses by providing a quick glimpse into your membership offerings. The main differences between the free and paid plans are highlighted in the "Plan Details" section.

Features of the Plans Page:

Redirects Button: The redirects button will take you to the default redirects page. When you add a redirect in the plans pane you will override any default added here.

Plan Priority Button: This button opens a modal that allows you to arrange the priority of plans. Plans on top of the list will be prioritized if any plan settings conflicts arise.

Add Plan Button: Use the "+ Add plan" button to create a new membership plan. You have the options of free or paid.

Import via Stripe: If you utilize Stripe for your payment handling, there's a convenient option to "Import via Stripe", streamlining the plan creation process.

Active and Archived Tabs:

  • Active: This section displays the currently active plans that you have.
  • Archived: This tab houses plans that you no longer actively use but might want to refer to or reactivate in the future. These plans will no longer accept new members.

Search Bar: Quickly search for a specific plan using the search bar at the top of the page.

Plan List: Plans that are free will be displayed with a lightning bolt icon and plans that are paid are displayed with a blue money sign icon.

Plan Details: By clicking on a specific plan, you access a detailed pane. The features available may vary based on whether it's a free or paid plan:

  • Prices (Paid plans only): This accordion displays active and archived prices.
  • Gated Content: Use this feature to block access to pages, folders, and page elements.
  • Plan Logic: Automatically adjust customer plans based on customizable conditions, similar to using IF .... THEN ... statements.
  • Redirects: Override default redirects for members with this plan.
  • Signup Rules: Add a signup rule to allow only certain domains to sign up for the plan or limit the number of members for the plan.
  • Permissions: Comprehensive grant or restriction options for member's access.

The right-hand side also provides specific attributes you can add to your signup flow, pricing tables, etc., to allow members to join this plan.

On the top right of the Plan Details Pane you will see 3 vertical dots. Clicking on this will show a menu to edit, archive, or delete the plan.

Conclusion: The "Plans" page is integral to Memberstack, ensuring that your membership site runs smoothly. From creating new plans to managing existing ones, this page is a one-stop destination for all your membership plan needs.

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