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Welcome to the "Members" page of your Memberstack app. This is your one-stop hub for managing all things related to your members — from getting a quick snapshot to diving deep into individual profiles. Best of all, the list updates in real-time, allowing you to see new sign-ups as they happen!

1. Overview

When you first land on the "Members" page, here's what you'll see:

  • Member Count: A running total of all your members sits proudly at the top. This count updates in real-time, so you can see your community grow live!
  • Search Bar: Quickly locate members by email, custom fields, or member ID.
  • List of Members: A real-time comprehensive list of all your members, which shows:
    • Email Address
    • Plans
    • Date of Joining
    • Last Login
    • Custom Fields (if any)

2. Features & Functionalities

Get to know the tools you have at your fingertips:

  • Searching Members:
    • Use the search bar to pinpoint specific members.
  • List of Members:
    • Profiles come with pictures, email addresses, and active plans.
    • Click on any entry for a more detailed view in the Member Details Pane.
  • Member Details Pane:

    • Profile: This section displays the basic information about the member, such as the Member ID, creation date, and email address.
    • Custom Fields: Add or modify custom data fields that provide more specific information about the member.
    • Metadata & JSON: Edit additional data associated with the member.
    • Login Redirect: Customize the page to which the member gets redirected after logging in.
    • Actions: A dropdown menu that allows you to:
      • Log in as the member: This enables you to experience the app from the member's perspective.
      • Reset their password.
      • View the event log associated with the member.
      • Add internal notes about the member.
      • Verify their email.
      • Create a Stripe customer for billing.
      • Delete the member.
  • Adding Members:

    • Click on the '+ Add Member' button. This will give you two options:
      • Add a Member: Manually input member details.
      • Import Members: If you have a list of members elsewhere, this option allows for a bulk upload, streamlining the process.
  • Custom Fields & Filters:
    • Customize what fields you see in the members list by toggling 'Custom Fields'.
    • Use 'Filters' to display members based on specific criteria.
  • Test Mode:
    • Simulate actions without affecting members — great for trying new features.

3. Navigating Custom Fields

Take full control of how custom fields appear:

  • Sort, Hide, and Edit: Click and drag custom fields in the order you want to see them in the Members list. Clicking on the eye icon will hide or show the custom field in the Members list. Clicking on the pencil icon will open a modal that will let you change the name of the custom field and change other options.

  • Pre-built UI Settings: This option gives you quick access to standard settings for our pre-built signup modal UI where you can show, hide, and reorder your custom fields.

Pro Tip

Regular visits to the "Members" page can offer insights like login frequency, new members, and multiple-plan subscribers.

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