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Explore the extensive range of features offered by Memberstack to elevate your membership-driven platform. From seamless authentication, secure payments processing, to robust security measures, every feature is tailored to provide an exemplary user experience while simplifying management tasks. Delve into each feature to understand how Memberstack is engineered to empower your website.


  • Social Logins & Signups: Allow your members to sign up & login via Google, LinkedIn, Github, Spotify, Dribbble, or Facebook.
  • Email & Password: Allow your members to sign in and create an account using an email and password.
  • Cross-Domain Login: Your Members can log in once and then move freely between your different domains that have Memberstack installed, without having to log in again.
  • Passwordless Logins: Build a fully custom passwordless signup and login form for your members. Give them the option to login with a password, magic link, social provider, and more!
  • Concurrent Logins: You decide if members are able to share login credentials or log into the same account on multiple devices. You can turn this setting on or off with a single toggle.
  • Email Verification: Require members to verify their email address during signup and/or prompt them to verify their email after signup.


  • Supported Payment Methods: Members use Stripe and that means your members can use Google Pay, Apple Pay, iDEAL, Alipay, and many more.
  • Collect Billing Addresses: Autofill billing and shipping addresses at checkout.
  • Coupon Links and Attributes: Apply coupons automatically at checkout.
  • Member Limits: Ideal for in-person events like conferences.
  • Import Stripe Products: Migrate existing business with ease by importing existing Stripe products.
  • Collect Business Tax IDs: Collect tax ID during checkout for invoice display.
  • Custom Expiration Dates: Set expiration dates for both free & paid plans.
  • Collect Billing Addresses: Autofill your customers’ billing and shipping addresses quickly and accurately at checkout.
  • Coupon Links and Attributes: Apply coupons automatically at checkout - making it easier for your members to take advantage of your promotions.
  • Member Limits: Perfect for in-person events like conferences, fitness classes, and seminars.
  • Import Stripe Products: Migrating your existing business? Reduce churn and retain analytics by importing your existing Stripe products into Memberstack.
  • Collect Business Tax IDs: Collect a customer’s tax ID during checkout to be displayed on invoices. All tax IDs display in the header of invoice and credit note PDFs.
  • Custom Expiration Dates: Set custom expiration dates to both free & paid plans!


  • SOC 2 Compliance: Our systems and services have received a stamp of approval from an independent auditing firm - certifying that we’re handling data with top-tier security.
  • Captcha: Easily add hCaptcha to your signup and login forms to protect websites from spam, bots, and other automated attacks.
  • Block Disposable Emails: By default, Memberstack will prevent sign-ups from thousands of "throw-away" email addresses.
  • Signup Rules: Stop users from signing up for certain plans if their email does not match a certain domain.
  • Gate Content: Control who can see pages by account status, payment status & plan level.
  • 2FA for Admin: Require site admin to verify their identity before gaining access to sensitive customer information.


  • Gated Content: This feature allows controlling access to website's content by deciding which pages, folders, and page elements are visible to users​​.
  • Member-Specific Pages: Create pages on your site that are only accessible to designated members​.
  • Hosted Content: This feature wasn't mentioned in your article but is available on Memberstack​.
  • Members-only Content: Another feature allowing you to hide certain pages and folders from non-members​.


  • Support Team: Get fast support from the Memberstack's expert support team.
  • Help Center: Access over a hundred Memberstack guides.
  • Forum: Post questions and tips on the Memberstack forum.
  • Community Slack: Collaborate with over 3000+ Memberstack experts.

Member Management:

  • Abandoned Cart Emails: Send emails to increase conversion rates.
  • Multiple Memberships: Allow members to sign up for multiple memberships simultaneously.
  • Welcome Emails: Automate welcome emails to new members.
  • Member Metrics: Track members, sign-ups, subscriptions from a central dashboard.
  • Plan Logic: Create "if-then" statements for managing plans.
  • Login As Member: Help members through specific problems.
  • Verify New Members During Sign Up: Require email verification for new members.
  • Add, Remove, and Update a Member’s Free Plan: Manage free plans for members in the dashboard.
  • Custom Fields: Collect and store any data you can pass through a Webflow form in your members' profiles.
  • Member Search: Locate any member by name, email, id, or other data.
  • Unlimited Members: Scale without limits.
  • Import Paying Members: Import users paying through Stripe from other platforms.
  • Password Reset Emails: Members can request password reset emails.
  • Metadata: Store varying info across members with metadata.
  • Custom Redirects: Manage the URLs members are redirected to upon actions.
  • Event Log: See the history of users' activities.
  • Add Users Via the Dashboard: Add users without requiring them to sign up.
  • Export Members: Export any data collected by Memberstack.
  • Invite Your Team: Invite team members and clients to your Memberstack dashboard.
  • Member-Specific Pages: Build personalized pages for each member​.

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