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🎉 Roll out the red carpet, folks! You're about to meet the all-star lineup that is the Memberstack team. 


Duncan Hamra

Co-founder and Product Lead
Happy husband based in Williamsburg VA. Co-founder at Memberstack working remotely while on a year long road trip across the US, Europe and Japan to visit family. When I’m not working, I’m exploring new places in my van, listening to podcasts, and trying to decide if I’d rather live in a tiny house or a regular house. Tiny houses are so cool…

Tyler Bell

Co-founder and Engineering Lead
Hi, I'm Tyler, fueled by a passion for coding and problem-solving, I aim to make Memberstack a robust and user-friendly platform for managing memberships and online transactions. Outside of work, my sanctuary is nature. Whether it's hiking up rugged trails or walking my dog along the beach at sunset, I find inspiration in the great outdoors that helps fuel my creativity back at the keyboard.

Core Team

Molly Floyd

Content, SEO and Founding Team Member
Hey! I'm Molly, i'm based in London but you'll mostly finding me living in a whole bunch of different places. My time is spent on Memberstack's content and seo strategy, figuring out how we can spread the word and help more and more people succeed online. I get a buzz from landing pages and blog posts and hope to help as many of you learn as possible at every step of the journey. I love to slow travel, spending 3 months at a time in different countries to soak up local life and explore new cultures, (and food!) I like to join co-working spaces and meet lots of new people along the way. I'm also newly hooked on tennis and love to keep fit!

Josh Lopez

Customer Success Lead and Founding Team Member
Hailing from the scenic Dillon, Montana, I’m Josh Lopez, the Customer Success Lead and proud founding team member of Memberstack. Driven by the thrill of innovation and a genuine passion for customer experience, I juggle my developer prowess with the goal of being the world’s #1 in Customer Success. When I’m not deep diving into the world of Javascript or Svelte, I’m embracing my roles as a father and an advocate for kindness. Whether it’s crafting the next big Help Center article or planning a memorable vacation with my son, every endeavor is a step towards leaving a legacy of unparalleled user support and heartwarming memories.

Clinton Nkemdilim

Frontend Developer Extraordinaire at Memberstack
I'm Clinton, a dedicated Frontend engineer at Memberstack. Although I'm originally from Nigeria, I now call Canada home. I possess a deep-seated passion for developing applications to address complex challenges through the implementation of code. My career objective is to attain the position of a software architect. In my spare time, you can find me channeling my creativity through drawing, immersing myself in the world of soccer - both on and off the field, staying fit with workouts, and venturing into new experiences and places. I aspire to become an avid traveler with dreams of visiting 100 countries, a reflection of my insatiable wanderlust. What truly sets me apart is my deep love for my work, which has seamlessly transformed into a cherished hobby.

Julian Galluzzo

Community Project Developer at Memberstack
Hey there! I'm Julian, living the good life in Sremska Mitrovica and working at Memberstack as a Community Project Developer. I'm a big believer in everyone's potential to create something amazing, coding knowledge or not. So, that's my goal at work, trying to make tech accessible for everyone. I'm a pretty busy guy between my work, being a dad, and my hobbies. When I'm not coding or brainstorming your next favorite feature, you'll find me cooking up a storm in my kitchen or planning a new travel adventure. I'm here to prove you can blend tech, family, and some amazing pasta recipes, all while keeping it real.

Support Team

Henry Onyemaobi

Customer Support Team Agent
Greetings from vibrant Nigeria! I'm Henry, an enthusiastic member of the Customer Support Team. With a background in web development, I bring a unique blend of technical expertise and customer-focused dedication to my role. I'm passionate about creating seamless customer experiences that leave a lasting impression. Beyond the digital realm, you'll often find me immersed in the world of video games when I'm not providing top-tier support. I thrive in happy, respectful environments and strive to make every interaction and moment count.

Chukwudi Onyekwere

Customer Support Team Agent
Hey there! I'm Chukwudi. I'm originally from Nigeria, but have been exploring Paphos, on the beautiful island of Cyprus. With a background in software development, I blend technical expertise with a strong commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences. When I'm not assisting our valued members, you'll find me on exciting journeys, exploring new destinations, and embracing the thrill of travel. Music is my muse, and I love creating melodies that resonate with the soul. Additionally, I find solace in the world of art, where I unleash my creativity through drawing and painting. I'm a fitness enthusiast and enjoy working out to stay active and healthy. I'm here to ensure that every interaction with our platform is a memorable and seamless experience. Let's embark on this exciting journey together!

Teresa Klusaw

Customer Support Team Agent
Hello! I'm Teresa, based in scenic Nebraska, home of the Cornhuskers. My primary mission is to deliver top-notch customer support while adding a bright spot to your day. Outside of work, I enjoy an active lifestyle that includes kayaking, hiking, swimming, and diving into a compelling read.

Jayess Wong

Customer Support Team Agent
Happy to see you here! I’m JS, or Jayess, and I’m proud to be a part of Memberstack’s fantastic customer support team. I call the beautiful West Coast of Canada my home, so you’ll find me working in the PST time zone. In my spare time, you’ll often find me immersed in the great outdoors foraging for wild mushrooms or finding serenity through my yoga practice. My mission is to ensure your Memberstack experience is as smooth as a serene Canadian sunset. Whether you have questions, need assistance, I’m here to make your journey with Memberstack a breeze. Let’s embark on this adventure together!


👏 Standing ovation, please! You've just met the dream team behind Memberstack. Our shared vision? To arm you with the sleekest, smoothest, most user-friendly platform so you can soar in the digital world. 💡 But we're not just about the techie stuff; we're here to build a community that champions innovation, radiates inclusivity, and sets the gold standard for customer success. So grab your backstage pass and join us on this epic ride! 🎢 Together, let's turn your success story into a blockbuster hit. 🎬

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