Displaying Member Data with Data Attributes

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You can display member data on your site using Memberstack data attributes. This allows you to show information like a member's email, name, signup date, and any custom fields you have created.


Use data-ms-member="email" to display or submit the member's email address. For example:

<div data-ms-member="email"></div> <input type="email" data-ms-member="email"> 


Use data-ms-member="password" as an input to allow members to submit their password. For example:

<input type="password" data-ms-member="password"> 

Signup Date

Display the member's signup date with data-ms-member="signupDate". For example:

<div data-ms-member="signupDate"></div> 

Custom Fields

Show custom field values using data-ms-member="CUSTOM_FIELD_ID", replacing CUSTOM_FIELD_ID with your actual custom field ID. For example:

<div data-ms-member="customField1"></div> 

This allows you to display fields like names, addresses, company, etc.

Other Attributes

Additional attributes are available for specific use cases:

  • data-ms-member="token" - Used to submit reset password tokens
  • data-ms-member="currentPassword" - Allow changing passwords by submitting current password
  • data-ms-member="newPassword" - Allow setting a new password

For example, to allow resetting a password with a token:

<input type="text" data-ms-member="token">
<input type="password" data-ms-member="newPassword">

And to allow changing passwords:

<input type="password" data-ms-member="currentPassword">
<input type="password" data-ms-member="newPassword">

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