Memberstack 1.0 to 2.0 Migration Checklist for Webflow Sites

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Ready to migrate your Webflow site from Memberstack 1.0 to 2.0? This guide will walk you through everything you need for a smooth transition.

Before Migration

Note: Memberstack membership IDs from 1.0 will change to plan and price IDs in 2.0. Any integrations using membership IDs will need to be updated to use the new plan and price IDs instead. This includes Zapier zaps, chatbots, and custom site code. If you need to test Zapier or Make while in test mode remember to update the 2.0 keys to live mode ones when you publish to your main domain.

  1. Create a new 2.0 account here. 1.0 and 2.0 are completely separate platforms.
  2. Recreate paid plans in 2.0 using the import tool or manually.
  3. Recreate free plans in 2.0 manually using this doc.
  4. Configure plan redirects, gated content, and other settings in 2.0.
  5. Recreate custom fields in 2.0 using the same IDs. See custom fields doc.
  6. Create a maintenance page and publish it to your main domain. This will prevent signups during migration.
  7. Update elements like modals and gated content with new 2.0 attributes. It's important to only publish the remaining updates in this list to your domain so you can test everything before going live with 2.0.
  8. Convert any 1.0 custom frontend code to the 2.0 DOM API.
  9. Replace 1.0 header script with 2.0 header script and publish to your domain.
  10. Test thoroughly. Create a few test members to test all scenarios.
  11. Purchase a 2.0 plan. For special pricing, contact support.
  12. Configure live and test domains in 2.0 Settings.

During Migration

  1. Export 1.0 members and import into 2.0.
  2. Replace 1.0 header script with 2.0 header script.
  3. Test thoroughly again. Roll back changes if issues arise.
  4. Remove maintenance page and publish site to main domain.

After Migration

  1. Cancel 1.0 subscription.

You're all set!

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