How can I remove two-factor authentication from my Memberstack app?

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To disable two-factor authentication in your Memberstack app, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account – Head over to your app and sign in.

  2. Navigate to settings – Once logged in, go to the Team Member settings page using this link.

  3. Locate the two-factor authentication setting – Find the two-factor authentication management option, which is usually towards the bottom of the Team Member list.

    • Account owners – If you are the owner, you'll see a toggle switch to enable or disable this feature.
    • Other team members – If you are not the owner, contact the owner or an admin to assist you.
  4. Toggle off the setting – Simply switch off the toggle to disable two-factor authentication enforcement.

Individual team members can also disable this feature in their own account settings. To do this:

  1. Access your account settings – Click on your account, located at the bottom left within the Memberstack app.

  2. Find the setting – In the modal that appears, find the "Two Factor Authentication" option.

  3. Turn it off – Click "Turn off" to disable two-factor authentication.

Keep in mind that disabling two-factor authentication can make your account less secure. Use this feature responsibly to maintain the safety of your account.

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