What are the differences between live mode and test mode?

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In Memberstack, there are two modes: live mode and test mode. Here are the differences between the two:

  1. Functionality: Live mode is the production environment where real transactions and interactions occur. Test mode, on the other hand, is a sandbox environment for testing and development purposes. In test mode, you can simulate transactions and interactions using test cards. You can learn more about test cards here.

  2. API Keys: Memberstack provides separate API keys for live mode and test mode. Test mode keys allow you to interact with test members, while live mode keys allow you to interact with live mode members. You can find your API keys in the Memberstack dashboard here.

  3. Data Separation: Live mode and test mode have separate data environments. This means that members in test mode will not be in live mode.

For information on how to change your domain from test to live more please read this article.

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