How Many Members can Memberstack Support?

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Duncan Hamra

Our biggest customer has more than 1 million members in their account.

And we've run tests on sites with several million test accounts without any decline in response times or performance issues. 

Please get in touch with our team for pricing on sites with more than 10,000 members (don't worry our pricing is still competitive 👍).

Keywords: thousands, millions, 1,000,000, limits, established. 

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    Marcus Francis

    What type of no-code stack is needed for having this many members? I use webflow and im looking to get advice on the best stack between data storage fir 500K + members and being able to draw user info on a dashboard in real time for subscription site for content creators. Do you have any advice on the best assembly between api, payment, data storage, etc that work well with memberstack? - Essentially if i were looking to build a subscription platform similar to Patreon for streaming/gaming while including an e-commerce aspect.


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