Manually Verify a Member's Email Address

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Duncan Hamra

When a new user signs up to your account, Memberstack automatically sends out an email message to verify the address. Sometimes users lose the message or forget about it.

You can manually verify a user email account from your Memberstack dashboard. Here's how.


Verifying an Email Account

  1. Navigate to the Members page and select a member. The side panel will display.
  2. Click the ellipsis next to the Save button.
  3. Select Verify Email.
  4. The orange icon next to the member's email will change to a green checkmark.



That's all.

Now you know how to verify a Memberstack user email.

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    Ken Jones

    Good to know, thanks!

    This solved an issue for me where, until the email address of a user was verified, the user's assigned plans were not being applied in Webflow.

    Just to note that the ellipsis or three dots next to the Save button is now the Actions button.


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