Can I use my own domain with Google login?

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If you're using Google Auth, you will probably notice a message that says "Choose an account to continue to" The reply below is our best answer to the question. 



The short answer is no - you won’t be able to use your own domains right now.

You're unable to verify the Memberstack domain, and we are unable to verify on a per-user basis. If we try to verify for another user, it would invalidate our own verification.

The longer answer is we will need build-in support for custom domains. Once finished - you can set up a custom domain with Memberstack, and then add the appropriate DNS settings to CNAME your custom domain to Memberstack. That way you can verify the domain, google would show the domain, and Memberstack still has control over the domain.

This is one of the things we expect to continue coming up till we either build support for it.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions. Or visit our product wishlist to upvote this feature.  

Keywords: domain verification, verified, 3rd party data, etc. 

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